In the light of recent developments relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have made the decision to postpone the event to December. The new dates for KAP sani2c will be 1-5 December, with the Trail version taking place from 1- 3 December, the Adventure from 2-4 December, and the Race will be from 3-5 December.

In the best interests of the health and wellbeing of the sani2c riders and the communities along its route, there is no question that the correct thing to do is to postpone. We are pleased to announce new dates, and the sani2c community looks forward to welcoming our riders in December. In choosing the dates, we were cognisant of other stage races taking place during the latter part of the year. We considered avoiding the rainy season of September and October, and the fire season which affects farmers who enable access to their land. At sani2c our focus has always been to provide riders with the best possible experience while ensuring the upliftment of the communities along its route. We are ensuring that these communities are able to receive the much needed support that their involvement with sani2c provides. We are particularly grateful for the continued and unwavering support of our headline sponsor KAP, who also wants to ensure that the sani2c communities still benefit from its involvement.

Our route crew will continue to work on the trails, and we will be assisting schools to pay teachers and provide other essential services that require the sani2c funding. This need helped inform our decision to postpone rather than to cancel this year’s event. All existing riders’ entries will automatically be moved to the new December dates. For those who are not able to make the new dates, please contact our race office or Entry Ninja support to roll over your entry to next year’s event.

Farmer Glen and the KAP sani2c team