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Case study

Reducing and managing water usage

Our manufacturing processes are dependent on water, which is a scarce resource. The KAP businesses actively monitor and manage water consumption and strive to reduce water usage.

Through the group’s risk management structure, water usage is reviewed on an operational level. Rainwater is harvested, recycled and reused at several of the group’s operations.

During this past year, various operations introduced a number of initiatives to reduce their water usage.

DesleeMattex fitted remote metering systems to monitor all water usage throughout their plant and to identify any potential leaks and wastage. They also installed storage tanks with a 40 000 litres capacity of rainwater for reuse in their production processes.

Aerators have been fitted to all taps to reduce the flow of water from 12 litres per minute to less than 1.5 litres per minute. At both our DesleeMattex and Vitafoam plants, we now reuse the water after testing our fire sprinkler systems.

Unitrans Passenger installed additional rainwater harvesting capacity and changed their bus-washing processes to reduce water consumption. At its Epping operation in the Western Cape, average water usage was reduced from 613 kl to 245 kl per month.

Plans for saving water were integrated into the design of the newly constructed Restonic superplant. Based on average annual rainfall, they are able to harvest over 2 million litres of rainwater and have capacity to store 220 000 litres. In addition, a borehole was sunk, which reduces their dependency on municipal water.

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