Accreditation as a registered training provider with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) creates downstream benefits as a preferred logistics partner.
Five steps towards excellence
Attracting the right talent

Unitrans constantly improves the brand in order to attract skilled individuals to contribute to the continuing success and growth of the business.

Pre-employment assessments and induction

During the recruitment process, drivers must obtain a minimum of 70% in a numeracy and literacy assessment, as well as undergo an induction into the Unitrans brand, corporate culture and values,
the vision, mission and objectives of the organisation.

Training for the workplace

Training includes classroom-based face-to-face training on how to ‘Convey Dangerous Goods by Road’ and ‘Operate a Rigid Heavy Vehicle’. These programmes represent the backbone of the driver training programmes, together with customer-specific training.

Monitoring and evaluation

Drivers undergo in-cab evaluations every six months to ensure correct skill execution. Monitoring and evaluation processes assist in the development and continuous improvement of training programmes.

Review and update

All driver training material is periodically reviewed internally in line with Unitrans’ Quality Management System and in compliance with the Transport Education and Training policies.

Driver training and development

To ensure excellence and compliance in the delivery of services to stakeholders, Unitrans has developed learning and development programmes targeted at professional heavy vehicle drivers. Training material matches content with relevant business practices. Training follows a holistic approach, going beyond mere technical ability and best practice. As the face of the business, drivers are encouraged to live the Unitrans brand of ‘excellence’. In turn, Unitrans takes on the responsibility to equip its drivers to understand their responsibilities within the business.

Training aims to:
  • Highlight the importance of drivers as representatives of the Unitrans brand
  • Underpin, support and cultivate the values and strategic objectives of the business to be a leading supply chain partner in its chosen markets
  • Reflect Unitrans’ commitment to improving and developing its drivers
  • Inculcate the culture of adherence to road safety traffic regulations, environmental awareness and general vehicle safety
  • Promote a learning culture among drivers towards becoming employees who contribute to the success
    of the organisation as a leader in supply chain solutions
  • Utilise the training process as a communication channel to promote employee engagement


Market leadership

High barriers to entry

Adding value through specialisation


Employing a five-step approach to recruitment and ongoing training, monitoring and developing of heavy vehicle drivers.


Confidence in Unitrans’ track record and capability to deliver improve the division’s ability to gain and retain customers.


Preferred dangerous goods and abnormal vehicle logistics supplier.

Continuous improvement on incident rates, reduced insurance costs and improved brand reputation.

Improved ability to recruit and retain specialist skills.

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