In July 2003, Daun & Cie gained control of Kolosus, a JSE-listed company, which was used as the basis for new transactions, mainly the acquisition of a diversified group of manufacturing companies.

Kolosus then became KAP, with the new name being derived from the German translation of the Cape of Good Hope (Kap der Guten Hoffnung) and was listed on the JSE in 2004.

KAP acquired the industrial assets of Steinhoff Africa in 2012, and restructured into three distinct segments – diversified industrial, diversified chemical and diversified logistics – in January 2017. KAP is now truly a leading industrial business in southern Africa and has moved from a small-cap to a mid-cap listed company on the JSE.

“KAP is independently funded, independently managed with strong governance structures, and maintains a clear strategy with a very effective management team.”

Jaap du Toit
Independent non-executive chairman
Integrated report 2018

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