KAP Industrial Holdings Limited (‘KAP’) is a diversified group consisting of leading industrial, chemical and logistics businesses.
We are focused on delivering on our strategy of being a market leader in the industries we serve in a growing African market.

Integrated Timber

The leading South African producer of wood-based decorative panels, which are used for interior applications in home, work and social environments.


R4 197 million

Operating profit

R615 million


Integrated Bedding

The leading South African producer of sleep products sold in the retail sector under brands such as Restonic, Green Coil, iDream and various retail house brands.


R1 731 million

Operating profit

R254 million


Automotive Components

A leading South African manufacturer of automotive components, which are used in the assembly of global vehicle brands, and automotive retail-aftermarket accessories.


R2 033 million

Operating profit

R156 million



A leading South African producer of polymers, which are used in a broad range of applications in sectors such as packaging, agriculture, automotive, telecommunications and medical.


R7 509 million

Operating profit

R428 million


Supply chain-based services

A leading southern African supply chain-based services company, providing customised solutions to clients in a diverse range of sectors, including food, agriculture, petrochemical and mining.


R8 828 million

Operating profit*

R649 million

From continuing operations*

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